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July 27th Toronto Protest





Queen's Park | 1:00PM-5:00PM


July 1st Protest Recap / July 27 Promo

What are our Principles?

What do we believe?

We believe Canada is broken and urgent action is needed to prevent a long-term, irreversible decline. Mass immigration is the primary cause of our economic and social problems. Canada has shifted from a welcoming nation to a corporate entity, bringing in over a million people annually to keep wages low and real estate prices high, benefiting the rich and powerful.

Polls show that most Canadians believe our current immigration policies are harmful, yet our government continues to exploit our welcoming nature by gaslighting us and dismissing concerns as racist or xenophobic.  Canadians of all backgrounds can see that our current approach is not only problematic and corrupt, but an existential threat to the future of Canada.


We believe in uniting Canadians from all backgrounds and ideologies to defend our shared future and democracy. Even those with opposing views can find common ground on this issue. Unity and collective action are the ruling class's greatest fears.

We believe we can Take Back Canada, one step at a time.

What are our goals?

  1. Destigmatize the conversation around mass immigration – other than the ultimate goal of saving our country, our current primary goal is to get Canadians talking about mass immigration without fear of stigmatization so that the conversation can be brought out into the open where it is more likely to affect change.

  2. Overcome the mechanisms of division and unite Canadians behind in a collective fight for our future.

  3. Spread awareness about the nature of our mass immigration crises, how it affects us, and the corrupt motivations behind it.

  4. Give Canadians an outlet to voice our common frustrations and send a message to the ruling class that Canadians are becoming increasingly motivated to take matters into their own hands in ways that go beyond passively casting a ballot for candidates we all *hope* will reverse the course we are on.

Who is this movement for?

This is a non-partisan protest movement of Canadians from all political, ethnic, and idealogical persuations.

We are not anti-immigration but oppose the reckless policies that depress wages, raise the cost of living, create job scarcity, and compromise safety, especially for women.

We welcome peace-loving immigrants who came here fairly, embracing Canadian values and contributing positively to our society.

Canadians of all backgrounds and ideologies must unite for the common good. You may find yourself alongside those with differing views, but our shared love for Canada must prevail over division.

Now is the time to stand together and protect what is rightfully ours.


We stand against:

  • Corruption and collusion between the Canadian government and corporate interests.

  • Destructive and unsustainable mass immigration policies.

  • The erosion of rights, freedoms, and Democracy in Canada.

We stand for:​

  • Responsible immigration policies.

  • Recognition of and respect for Canadian culture, values, and identity.

  • Prioritizing the well-being and sovereignty of Canada’s indigenous peoples over catering to non-Canadians.

  • Affirming the rights of Canadians over those of non-Canadians, especially concerning access to employment, healthcare, government subsidies/benefits, property ownership, and our justice system.

How to Help

Will you stand on guard for thee?

Sons and Daughters of Canada heed this call...

The hour is upon us when our nation’s destiny hangs in the balance.  This Canada Day, Monday July 1st, we make a stand.  On July 1st, we fight for the Canada we love, the fair dominion where freedom, liberty, and dignity once flourished, and where the hard work and sacrifices of Canadians before us promised a bright and prosperous future.

Since long before any of us were born, Canada has served as a beacon of hope for those who shared our sacred values of love, respect, and equality.  For decades we have nobly and generously accepted as our own those who wish to escape the shackles of repressive governments and cultures by offering them a place in our society, so long as they indeed showed to be noble in intention and sincere in their belief of the core values that make our society a safe and loving place for all.

We were compassionate enough to give, yet wise enough to keep a future for us and our children.

Now, the future that generations before us worked, fought, and died for is being stolen, given away, and dismantled before our eyes.  Gone are the days when our government re-invested the taxes we pay into our future and wrote policies that would make our country a fairer and safer place.  Canada has become a democracy in name only; a country where we cast our ballot every few years to decide who will break promises made and who will do the bidding of the oligopolies so they may have boundless access to cheap foreign labour and reap maximum profits from the roof over your head and the food on your plate.

We sacrifice all and make way for unfettered masses of foreigners from places where repressive beliefs and violence dominate, and they are made to live better than our own aboriginal peoples still living in squalor.

In even some of the world’s most impoverished countries, it is taken for granted that if you are willing to work, you may afford a roof over your head and space enough to raise a family.  However, in our supposedly rich and prosperous nation, this basic human necessity seems only attainable for the highest achievers in our society, while the majority of us wallow in silence, too defeated to believe that a brighter future is possible.

The time is now that we MUST make our stand.  There is still yet a sliver of hope that our government’s destructive policies can be undone, and that after some hardship we can turn back the clock to a time when hope in one’s future, and the future of Canada, did not seem so futile.  We must stand tall and proud as true Canadians, separated by ideological affiliation but united as brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers to fight for the common good of us all.

We must now let it be known loudly and clearly that a deep and brave fire still burns in the heart of every true Canadian, and that we are not too hypnotized by the online shows and social media feeds they dangle before us to fight for what is rightfully ours.  We must show the ruling class the fury that will meet them if they dare to trample our rights and take everything we’ve worked for as their own.

I call upon you now to look deeply inside yourself for the courage and sense of duty that is embedded in us all.  Will you tell your children that when the hour was near you hearkened the call and stood boldly for what was right?  Or will you risk leaving the task to those with higher moral fortitude than you and be counted among the weak and shameful bystanders of history?

Will you keep the promise you made at the start of every school day, at every hockey game, at every Remembrance Day and Canada Day?  Will you stand on guard for thee?

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